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I'm still relatively new to card collecting compared to veterans of the hobby and really love the artistry that goes into each deck despite the challenges and strict limitations of deck design. For this reason, I'm usually drawn to mostly modern & vintage fully custom, art, and transformative / semi-transformative decks - But honestly, I try to get my hands on any decks that are particularly unique or catch my eye and love to see designers bend the rules of deck design and think outside the box to create something truly one-of-a-kind with a distinct style. I also really love seeing/discussing collections of others. The different kinds of decks that make up a person's collection reflects bits and pieces of themselves and, in a very small way, kinda gives a glimpse of their other interests/passions through the cards they treasure. It's actually quite fantastic that so many people - of all different walks of life - can be brought together by something so small, yet universally recognized and all share in on this crazy weird hobby lol As for other interests, I also love board games, traveling, art, cooking, reading, and being the best cat-mom ever ;)