Showcasing The Best Decks for Art, Collecting, Magic, and Cardistry of 2023

The ‘Deck of the Year’ Awards, or more popularly known as ‘The DOTYs’, is an annual event in which the community comes together from every corner of the web to celebrate the hobby of playing cards by recognising all the amazing decks to have been released over the past year. As the longest-running international playing card awards event of its kind, the DOTYs are highly regarded within the industry in honouring artistic & technical merit by awarding the most talented designers, passionate producers & diligent manufacturers as chosen by you.


Best Tuck
Best Back Design
Best Innovative Design
Best Ace
Best Court Card
Best Joker
Best Custom Pips
Best Fan
Best of the Extras
Best Cardistry Deck
Best Magic Deck
Rookie of the Year
Deck of the Year